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Your organization needs practice management (PM) software with the power to support your business goals. NextGen Enterprise PM automates routine processes and integrates all aspects of running your practice.

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Save valuable time
Automate practice management processes, such as reports, statements, billing, claims generation, eligibility checks, and more. Schedule tasks for completion at any convenient time for a continuous, automatic cycle.
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Align technology with your goals
Our PM system is built on a single, integrated database to support the entire enterprise. This allows for the implementation of our enterprise architecture to unify our technology and your business goals.
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Access robust data analytics
Get the data you need to establish meaningful benchmarks, make critical decisions, and grow your business. Conveniently access practice analytics via a web browser or your smartphone or tablet.
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Be confident in patient data
NextGen Enterprise PM's master patient index (MPI) ensures all practices under the enterprise umbrella have access to the same patient data—a single source of truth for the population under your care.
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Manage patient scheduling
Flexible appointment-booking tools centralize staff calendars for multiple practice locations and can be configured to meet the needs of individual physicians.
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Capture more revenue
Advanced claim scrubbing technology and customizable claim edits help you optimize claims to prevent rejections and denials.


Advantages of a top-rated practice management system

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Automation 24/7
Achieve your business goals faster and more easily while freeing your staff to focus more on patients. Manage claims and handle other routine tasks when you choose with the NextGen Background Business Processor.
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Increased productivity
Accomplish more, in less time, with less overhead. In addition to reducing time-consuming tasks, our PM solution facilitates data sharing, helps catch claim errors and fix them quickly, and improves patient satisfaction with streamlined patient scheduling and registration.
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Cost estimation
Quickly determine the patient's responsibility and identify an appropriate amount to collect pre- or post-service. Our patient cost estimator can access eligibility information, contracts, and the full range of historical, financial, and reimbursement data to produce reasonable estimations.
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Automated charge review
Implement a rules engine that uses custom and specialty-specific rules along with automation to review and correct charge data before it enters the PM system—eliminating 75% of the tedium of claims review. This reduces operating costs and speeds up payments.
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Decision-making tools
NextGen Enterprise PM provides data and key performance indicators needed to make intelligent business decisions. Assess your A/R, manage your month-end closing, analyze your payer mix, and ensure a healthier cash flow with customized financial reports.
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Billing company support
Give your medical billing company the support it deserves. NextGen Office PM is built to guide your billing business toward growth, profitability, and efficiency.
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Top-rated practice management solutions

Take a look at some of the solutions that make NextGen Enterprise PM the #1 practice management software, according to Black Book Research

    • Automated charge review

    • Staff training for coding

    • Coding compliance audits

    • Increased coding accuracy for cleaner claims

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    • Optimize claims through automation

    • Secure more payments for services

    • Easier payment collection

    • Rules engine integration

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    • Optimize your practice’s operations

    • Fully automated eligibility verification

    • Customized scheduling tools

    • Intuitive patient self-scheduling integration

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    • Intuitive patient messaging

    • Customizable analytics reports

    • Payer-provider management

    • Collection optimization with online payments

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    • Specialty-specific charge review rules

    • Claims process automation

    • Full PM system integration

    • Capture missed revenue

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    • Increase payments from all sources

    • Preemptive claims edit automation

    • Use analytics to combat denial trends

    • Rules engine integration for automated follow-up

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