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With ongoing economic and staffing concerns, operating an ophthalmology practice can be a challenge. Managing it to the point of growth is even more of a challenge. Integrated patient engagement is part of the solution.

Investing in patient experience can increase the number of times people interact with your eye care practice and the quality of these interactions. A stronger relationship with your patients will always result in better healthcare outcomes for them and better financial outcomes for your practice.

One platform for all your patient experience needs

One of the easiest ways to improve patient experience is through a fully integrated, easy-to-use patient portal. This gives your patients a one-stop destination for all their concerns related to the care they receive from your practice. It also gives you a more effective outlet for direct patient communication.

Automate messages and integrate them with your workflow

Automated messaging solutions are a great way to build communication with patients and keep them involved and on top of their healthcare self-management. By having this integrated with the rest of your workflow, messages can be generated and sent when performing tasks such as scheduling follow-ups or posting lab results. NextGen® PxP Portal integrates messaging with every step of your workflow to reduce your clicks.

Enable access to your portal via email

An intuitive and comprehensive patient portal can exponentially increase patient access and volume. The PxP Portal is web-based, not an app. This allows access to the patient portal via an email link sent to patients, which is popular with older patients—no more passwords to remember or keep patients from accessing care.

Answer patients’ questions without tying up phone lines

Another feature that makes life easier for care teams is “Ask a Question” within the PxP Portal. The eye care practice can create its own question types that can be routed to a nurse, ophthalmologist, medical assistant, or billing administrator.

The patient can attach a file or photo to their question. Once they submit it, the question goes directly into the inbox workflows, either in the practice management system or EHR, where a care team member can triage that question and respond directly via the portal. The patient would receive a text message and an email notification that the practice has responded to their question again, giving providers the ability to use the portal as a communication center versus patients tying up phone lines.

Expand access to eye care via self-scheduling

NextGen® Self-Scheduling lets patients take control of their healthcare experience and schedule appointments on their terms. This removes barriers to care for people with tight work schedules.

Direct online payments

More convenient payment methods can be a great way to ensure that more of your services are compensated. This reduces one more step and barrier from the payment process and streamlines patient engagement.

Patient pay solutions should fully integrate with your practice management (PM) system. NextGen Pay® powered by InstaMed automatically creates a batch in the practice management system when a payment is processed through the patient portal. These integrations help streamline your billing process and generate more paid claims.

Better patient experience, better outcomes for all

All of this and more increases the ease of interacting with your eye care practice which, in turn, increases patient volume and turnout, all while saving staff precious time that could be spent on tasks and outcomes that will grow your ophthalmic practice.

Kristi Bolinger

Director, Specialty Solutions, Ophthalmology

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Kristi Bolinger
Director, Specialty Solutions