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Not all EHR vendors are created equal

The EHR replacement process can be challenging. When you consider switching EHR systems, select a reliable, certified partner who will work alongside you to help you achieve your goals.

Experience the benefits of the right EHR partner
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A full range of services
Our message to you: We can help you run your medical practice more effectively. You’ll find a full range of services to ensure successful onboarding and ongoing use of our solutions as well as managing your practice’s business operations.
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We learn about you
Our consultants and support specialists ask questions to better understand your practice, helping ensure you get the most out of your system and your workflow is optimal.
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Support from experienced professionals
Our project managers, consultants, trainers, and technical personnel have many years of experience in the implementation and use of the NextGen Healthcare platform.
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Committed to your success
We advocate for best practices that will lead to successful outcomes—but we also aim to be flexible to meet your practice’s unique needs. Our staff is committed to your success.
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A strategic approach
You’ll benefit from a streamlined methodology with clear guidance, full support during go-live, and post-implementation follow-up.
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Maximize your health IT investment
We’ll help you fully leverage NextGen Healthcare solutions to maximize the value of your investment in us—a true win-win.
NextGen Healthcare Office is an award-winning EMR designed for small medical practices.
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Identify the EHR That’s Right for Your Practice
In nine simple steps, this guide will help you identify the best EHR and practice management system for your clinical, operational, and financial needs.
NextGen Healthcare offers EHR and Practice Management solutions that help ambulatory care providers.
Find the EHR That’s Right for You
The process to select your next EHR is quite an undertaking. This guide can help you find a flexible, integrated EHR platform that will take your practice through changes in an ever-evolving healthcare industry.

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    Our integrated platform increases productivity, improves financial outcomes, eases information exchange, and enriches the patient experience.

    • Streamline and customize workflows
    • Improve care team collaboration
    • Document with Mobile and gain more face time with patients
    • Stay current with regulatory requirements
    • Improve patient engagement
    • Decrease staff time spent on tedious tasks
    • Deliver care conveniently with telehealth
    • Enable direct connections with patients
    • Target higher-risk patients to close gaps in care
    • Identify patients with potential to impact outcomes
    • Coordinate care with seamless communication Identify fee-for-service revenue opportunities
    • Exchange meaningful information securely
    • Connect disparate systems to any device
    • Access data from other providers, organizations and EHRs
    • Support the latest interoperability and align with Meaningful Use
    • Provide better check-in and billing
    • Automate charge creation
    • Ensure clean claims and reduce denials
    • Monitor performance and gain insights

NextGen Healthcare was the only comprehensive solution to provide unmatched provider and patient experience through configurability, flexibility, and scalability while addressing the needs of a growing organization like ours with multiple lines of service.

Carl Coyle, MSW
Chief Executive Officer Liberty Resources

The results speak for themselves

Our solutions have garnered many accolades, but we’re most proud of improving the lives of patients and providers. We continue to develop innovations that help make healthcare better for everyone.