Simple Interact

Simple Interact


Version of NGE supported:
NGE 6.2021.1 and 8

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Simple Interact is a deeply-integrated highly-customizable digital front door and patient engagement platform that caters to Physician groups, Health Centers, and Hospitals. We help these healthcare facilities run more efficiently and profitably by reducing the burden on staff while also improving patient experience, satisfaction, and online reputation.


We offer a comprehensive set of services that customers can pick and choose from:

- Digital Patient Forms to enable paperless workflows such as intake, check-in, screenings, and ad-hoc consents using mobile-friendly forms with multi-language support.

- Digital Patient Engagement to enable Email/SMS/Phone communications such as reminders, confirmations, broadcast messages, 2-Way SMS chats, and outreach campaigns.

- Digital Patient Feedback to handle negative feedback proactively while garnering positive reviews on online location and provider listings such as Google and Healthgrades.

- Digital Patient Scheduling to manage online appointment requests and referral requests while also automating the filling of canceled appointment slots.



- Core functionality turned on within weeks

- Results delivered immediately

- High patient participation driven by ease-of-use

- Deep integration including discrete data push

- Phased rollout to minimize disruption

- Short and easy training sessions per phase

- Low learning curve for staff

- Exceptional customer service

- Continuity of assigned team

- Rapid customization to meet your ongoing needs

- Continuous enhancements to our already comprehensive platform



- Reduce material costs by going paperless

- Streamline and speed up patient workflow

- Increase staff productivity and provider utilization while reducing burnout

- Save providers time by using HPI forms to automatically generate a human-readable physician note

- Minimize lost revenue by reducing no-shows, appointment leakage, and referral leakage

- Enhance patient convenience and experience by improving patient access and communication

- Acquire and retain more patients by capturing patient feedback consistently and improving online reputation

- Reduce MIPS penalty by automating data capture of quality measures

- Increase revenue opportunities such as incentivized payments, funding, upselling, and payment capture


The Simple Interact software platform was built from the ground up to help Healthcare providers address three constant challenges: rising costs, downward pressure on reimbursements, and ever-changing regulatory requirements. To learn how we can be of service to you, reach out by visiting our website and submitting your information.